Monday, December 26, 2011

Eight Months

My baby girl is eight months old!

December 26, 2011 - Eight Months Old
Nolin has become an expert crawler.  She is a fast little thing too!  She is pulling up on things also.  She crawls up to us quite often & pulls up on our hands.  Then she wants to let go, once she is standing.  Just a few days ago, she started crawling around like a little monkey - hands & feet on the ground.  It was very entertaining!

Nolin is doing such big girl things.  She loves sitting in her rocking chair & rocking.

She loves riding in the grocery cart.

Nolin even loves playing with Caterpillar trucks, dump trucks, & more.  That's my girl!  :)

One of my favorite things that Nolin does now is give kisses.  Paul taught her to kiss the baby doll & not long after doing this, she started giving kisses to us also.  She has to be focused or she won't do it.  But when she does, it is the sweetest thing!  You just say, "Kiss Momma" & she will lean in to give a kiss!  :)  It melts my heart.

She even likes to kiss the baby in the window.

When Nolin wakes up from her nap now, she plays in her crib by herself.  She crawls around, turns on her mobile, & stands up in the crib.  When I go in her room to get her, she just smiles the biggest smile & giggles.  It is super cute.

Nolin is still a big talker.  She is very loud!  She now says, "Mama", "Dada", "Nana", "Baba", & lots of other sounds.  Sometimes she whispers, which is adorable.  The newest is "ohhhhh".  She crawls around saying "ohhhhh" to everything she sees.  Life is very interesting to her!  :)

Our favorite time of the day now is bedtime.  Paul & I get Nolin in a fresh diaper & then we all lie on the bed & play together.  She is so happy & silly at night before bed.  We play peek-a-boo a lot now.   Nolin loves to take a blanket off of her head, as well as ours.  She loves the game! 

When it comes to food, Nolin is a pro.  She eats whatever we give her.  In all honesty, she is a less picky eater than I am!  Nolin chews her food right up (for a long time she would "gum" it, since she didn't have any teeth).  Since she was able to handle & experiment with food first, she now allows us to spoon feed her, without a fight.  She knows what food is & she knows that we can feed her faster than she can feed herself.  Of course, we still can't feed her fast enough!  She is a little piglet!  She eats two or three meals a day, on top of nursing several times.

Kai still really enjoys Nolin's dinner time...

Speaking of teeth - Nolin finally has a tooth poking through!!  She has been drooling a lot & the night before Christmas Eve, I felt a bit of a tooth!  I think she may have a second one trying to poke through also, but she won't let us touch her gums for anything!  So I guess we will wait & see about the second.

As far as Nolin's First Christmas - it was wonderful!  Nolin enjoyed getting into all of her presents & she did really well with the odd schedule.  I can't wait until next Christmas when she knows what is going on!  :)

Paul & I also learned one very valuable thing on one of the late night (at lease late for Nolin) drives home.   Play the CD's from Baby Signing Time & Nolin will stop crying!  She does not like to ride in her car seat at night when she is ready for bed.  We have had a few rough rides home.  But on Christmas Eve, a light bulb went on & I played Baby Signing Time.  Nolin just sat & listened.  I guess it comforts her.  She likes to watch the DVD's at home.  Hopefully before long she will give us her first sign!  :) 


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