Saturday, November 26, 2011

Seven Months

Seven months seems so old...  Where does the time go?!

November 26, 2011 - Seven Months Old

Nolin seems to have slowed down a bit in her growth.  She is now in the 50th %tile of weight & height, where she had been in the 75th.  This is no surprise, seeing as Paul & I are not big people.  I figured we would have a petite little girl! 

It wasn't long after her six month birthday that Nolin began crawling!  She was up on her knees & rocking at five months, but soon after six months she began wiggling around the floor, followed by a backwards crawl, & then an official crawl.  Nolin is all over the place now.  She sets her eyes on something & doesn't stop until she gets it (or until it disappears - she doesn't understand object permanence yet!).

It seems as if Nolin is not content with one thing for long.  Not long after she started crawling, she began pulling up on things!  Nolin would rather stand than sit!  Go figure!

One of our favorite things that Nolin does now is clap.  After she learned how to go from a crawl to a sitting position, she would start clapping.  So now we all yell "Yay!" & clap every time she sits up!  She is so proud of herself.  It is adorable!  :)

When Nolin talks now, it is hard for anyone else to talk.  She is very loud & she has a lot to say!  One of my favorite things to do is hum to Nolin while I rock her to sleep.  She often "sings" with me.  It is the sweetest thing & it just melts my heart!  I wish I could record it sometime.  It makes it even more sweet when she plays with my hair while I rock her.  However, sometimes that hair-playing can be more of a slapping & it's in the face.  LOL!  Nolin has also started making a clicking noise.  She will just be crawling around & clicking.

Speaking of talking - Nolin said "Mama" today!  She said it several times, actually!  She doesn't know she is referring to me, but she is definitely saying the sounds.  It just melts my heart every time she says it.  She is also saying "Baba".  We think she is referring to her brother, Kai.  :)  There hasn't been a "Dada" yet, but it will follow soon, I'm sure!

We have been introducing Nolin to solid foods.  At first, we basically just gave her foods to experiment with.  I was surprised at how quickly she wanted to actually eat foods.  I thought she would just play with them for a month or so.  It sometimes makes me a little nervous, b/c she is not afraid to stuff her mouth!  At first, she wasn't interested in many of the tastes, except strawberries!  She LOVES strawberries.  She will eat on a strawberry for as long as we will allow it!  It is so fun to watch her eat them, b/c she makes funny faces when she gets a sour bite.  :)

Now that Nolin has been eating foods for a few weeks, she will try anything & she seems to like most things so far.  She may not take it the first time, but eventually she will.   We have started giving her small bits of food from out plates & she is working on the pincher grip & getting the tiny bites into her mouth.  Needless to say, mealtimes are messy with the Markham's now! 

I am also still breastfeeding Nolin.  I'm so happy to have been able to do this for this long.  Things are going well.  Every now & then she goes on a strike & refuses my left side.  She did this when she was younger also.  This has caused my left side to produce less milk than the right.  I was worried about correcting the problem for a long time, but I don't think it is necessary now or even possible.  But that's okay, because the right side is keeping her well-nourished!

Nolin & Kai are doing great together.  I was worried that there would be problems when Nolin started crawling, but so far so good.  Kai is very aware of Nolin most of the time.  Every now & then Kai gets a little spunky!  Nolin loves to crawl to Kai & touch him.  She just gets the biggest grin when she sees her "Brother".

We are looking forward to Nolin's first Christmas!!


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