Friday, August 26, 2011

Four Months

My little girl is four months old now!!

August 26, 2011 - Four Months Old
I have been back at work now for about a month.  It has been really hard.  There have been many tears shed.  I know she is in good hands, but I still feel guilty leaving her.  I also feel like I don't get to spend much time with her during the week, b/c she is ready for bed so early at night.  But, she is ever-changing, so I'm sure before long she will be staying awake longer.

Nolin continues to amaze me at how big she is.  I look at her some days & think she has grown in just a few hours!  She still loves to sit up in her Bumbo seat.  It is probably the place where she is content for the longest period of time (rather than being held).  She is able to sit up on the couch now also.  Obviously we prop her up with pillows, but she really likes it.  Nolin still dislikes tummy time.  But, she is able to endure if for a bit longer as time goes on.  She has rolled over a couple of times, but doesn't do it regularly.  She should be soon, though.  She goes crazy with those legs when she is on her back.

Nolin still loves to talk & coo.  She is blowing bubbles all the time, so she is constantly covered in slobber.  Now she is also screaming.  It is pretty funny. 

The cutest thing she does lately, though, is making raspberry noises (Paul & I disagree on what these are called - he says zerberts).  We can blow on Nolin's belly & she will look at us & blow back.  Paul absolutely adores it!  It is cute to watch Daddy when she does it.  He gets the biggest smile.

Nolin continues to do cute things every day.  We love watching her sleep, b/c she sleeps with her arms behind her head like she is just chilling.  It is so sweet!

She is still a wiggler.  It is funny watching her kick her legs & hit with her arms.  Sometimes it is like she is getting mad & just hitting her arms to her sides as hard as she can.  It is too cute!  She has also found her feet now.  She loves to pull them up & hold on the them with her hands.  She also holds toys very well now & can grab them on her own.  She loves to put anything in her hands into her mouth.

One of my favorite things that Nolin does right now  is look up at while I'm holding or nursing her & getting big bright eyes & a huge smile.  It is the most precious thing!  It melts my heart.  I also love bath time.  She is so much fun in the bath!

In regards to sleep, Nolin is still inconsistent at night.  But she typically only gets up once in the middle of the night to eat.  She has developed a routine for her naps during the day though.  Being at the sitter & having to get up at the same time every day has helped that.  She is taking four naps a day now that are typically about an hour long.  She has two hour wake periods in between naps.  The only problem with this routine is that we are up at 6 am on weekends too!  :)

Nolin is taking bottles just fine at the sitter & I have been able to pump to keep up with her so far.  Let's hope it continues, b/c I want to breastfeed up to a year.  When I come home at night, I feed Nolin first thing.  She has stopped trying to reject me, for the most part.  I just have to stay ahead of the hunger!  She isn't always the most patient when she is hungry!  I'm sure she gets that from me!  :)

Kai & Nolin continue to do well together. Kai is getting more comfortable with her & she just sees him as a part of life.  He can get right in her face & she thinks nothing of it.


  1. She is adorable! Ok, maybe I can help you out with the great raspberry vs. zerbert debate, since my husband and I have this debate, too, and I'm the one who's right. :D

    "Raspberry" is the name of the noise made, while "zerbert" is the act of making that noise while pressing your lips against the skin of someone else. That's my expert opinion. ;)

  2. I think Paul & I can actually agree on that! Thanks Rina! :)