Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two Months

Nolin Leigh is two months old today!  Crazy...
June 26, 2011 - Two Months Old
Nolin is growing so fast!  It seems like every day she is changing & it just amazes us.  She is already wearing 3 month outfits.  She is holding her head up most of the time.  She even holds herself up on her legs if you stand her up.  She is working to become a very strong little girl.

Nolin is also an active little girl!  She is always wiggling & making some sort of noise.  Now, the noise may be a cry or it may be a giggle, but we love to hear her express herself.  She is starting to enjoy lying in front of us & talking to us.  We love these times!  It is so wonderful to hear Nolin start to make happy sounds more often than unhappy ones! Nolin has also discovered her hands & it seems like one of them is always in her mouth!  I guess we need to get used to that because when she can hold things, I'm sure she will have everything in her mouth!

One of my favorite things Nolin is doing now is recognizing me!  It is so sweet when I lean over & Nolin gets the biggest smile on her face.  It makes me feel so special. 

Nolin is sleeping very well at night now.  She only gets up once during the night to eat & then she falls right back to sleep.  I really enjoy the time I spend with Nolin during the night.  I love cuddling her when I am putting her to sleep.  She is so sweet in the middle of the night.  She almost always looks up at me & smiles when I am swaddling her to put her back to bed.  I often wake Paul up giggling at her!

I am still breastfeeding Nolin.  Things are going well & I am very thankful for that.  She is still gaining that weight!  Breastfeeding has gotten a lot easier.  It really took about 6 weeks for me & Nolin to get the hang of it.  That is a long time of struggling, but it was worth it.  Nolin has learned to stay latched on for the most part & she is no longer hurting me.  I am still learning how to feed in public & still working on be comfortable with it, but we have it down at home! 

The pacifier is still a necessity for us.  Often times after eating, Nolin gets full, but she still wants to suck.  So the pacifier has been a lifesaver!  We have not introduced bottles yet, but I have started pumping a little bit each day.  We have some milk in the freezer for a rainy day!  It is really neat seeing the milk I get when I pump.  It is like gold to me!  :)
Kai is starting to see Nolin as a member of the family.  When we come home, he always greets Paul, Me. & little Nolin.  He loves to give her kisses!  Kai also likes to be included in our family love sessions now.  If he sees us loving on Nolin, he runs right over to get some love also!

I am much more comfortable leaving the house with Nolin now, even by myself.  I do not like carrying the car seat, but I guess I need to get used to it!  Nolin likes car rides most of the time.  I have learned to feed her right before we leave, so we don't have a crying baby in the car.  We are even able to take trips with Nolin & Kai both now! 

We try to take family walks around the neighborhood or at the dog park.  Nolin still loves to be outside.  She also still loves to be worn in one of her slings/wraps & Kai loves taking an adventure with the whole family.

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