Thursday, May 19, 2011

Family Heirlooms

Family history is very important to Paul & me.  This is why we chose family names for Nolin.  We also have some special items that we will pass on to Nolin.  Today my step-father brought me something that I had when I was a little girl - a small rocking chair.  Turns out that this rocking chair was given to me on my first Christmas in 1982 by my Papa & Grandma Birge (my mom's parents).  They gave one to every grandchild on their first Christmas.  My mom & step-father refinished my rocking chair & had it recovered for Nolin.  Now the rocking chair will be hers to use & love.  I hope that one day she will pass it on to her child. 
Nolin checking out her rocking chair!
Last week we took pictures of Nolin in a biscuit bowl that was once Paul's Great Grandmother's (Big Nannie).  After Paul's Great Grandmother passed it down to Paul's Grandmother (Nannie), she put legs on the biscuit bowl & used it as a magazine holder.  This is another special item that will belong to Nolin one day.
Nolin chilling in the biscuit bowl!
These are just a couple of the special items that we want to pass on to Nolin.  There will be many more...

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  1. So proud that Nolin has these things in her life to remind her of times past. Never let her forget them....I know you won't.