Thursday, May 19, 2011


Before having Nolin, we knew that we wanted to try babywearing.  So, we made sure to have a few slings/carriers.  Thanks to family & friends to giving us some as gifts!

Well now that Nolin has arrived, we can wear her!  Paul began wearing her shortly after we returned home from the hospital.  He carries her in a ring sling &/or a moby wrap.  Whenever Nolin is fussy & nothing else seems to soothe her, Paul can put her in a sling/carrier, walk down the road for a few minutes, & she is content.

Nolin loves for us to wear her.  I guess it makes her feel close to us & secure.  Besides Nolin loving being worn, it is also extremely helpful to us.  When wearing Nolin, you can have your hands free to get things done.  So, it is a win win situation.  :)

I wore Nolin for the first time today.  We took a family outing to the dog park. 


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