Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Final Countdown

This coming Thursday I will be 37 weeks pregnant.  So this little girl could really enter the world at any time!  I can't believe we have come this far!  I suppose I have entered the nesting phase.  We just about have everything ready - as ready as it can be.  I absolutely cannot wait to hold this little girl in my arms!

I have learned a few more fun facts about pregnancy...just when I thought there would be no more!  For one, I wake myself up snoring!  I have always hated snoring!  You can just ask my step-dad, Benny...he is a big snorer & I just cannot sleep with it even in the house!  Paul will tell you also, the second I hear a sound from him, I hit him!  Luckily he is not really a snorer.  But now, I am the one with the snoring problem!  Another problem is that I have a hard time sitting, standing, walking, & even lying for a long time.  Yep, that is just about everything!  I have to change what I'm doing quite often to stay comfortable.  Nolin is also sitting so low, when I sit it is hard to keep my legs together - so no short dresses/skirts for me!  I have also started swelling in my feet & ankles.  This is mostly after a few days of standing & working.  So, I have to sleep with my feet elevated at night.  The acid reflux is also still a bit of a problem.  It has started bothering me pretty much all the time now!  So Paul really loves sleeping with me right now, b/c the bed has to be raised for my head & my feet!  He will be super happy to sleep on a flat bed once Nolin arrives!

Nolin is still pretty active, but you can tell that she has run out of room in there.  She doesn't seem to be doing somersaults anymore.  But she definitely still likes to wiggle!   She is still head down, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that she doesn't do anything crazy in there & turn into a breech baby. 

Now when I look at my belly, I wonder if I will ever be like I once was.  I just don't understand where all of this stomach is going to go!  But, at the same time, I look at the earliest belly pictures that we took & I just don't recognize that stomach any more!  So, it will probably be very strange once this little on comes out. 

Here are the latest photos of my growing belly.  Just when I thought I could not grow anymore, I did!
32 Weeks
34 Weeks
36 Weeks


  1. I think you represent the perfect picture of "pregnant". Hard to believe that such a tiny person could change to this so soon. Remember seeing you at way to tell at all. Christmas...just a little. But now....WOW!!!!
    I'm thinking...this is all baby!!!!!!!!!

  2. The previous comment was not anonymous..just me forgetting the right profile.