Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Husband's Thoughts - Soybeans & Sidewalks

Another one of the many reasons why I love my husband - he wrote this (you'll have to click on it to read it):
Paul has always had a way with words.  Whether he is happy, sad, or even mad, he is able to write beautifully!  When we were dating, Paul even created a book for me that includes all of the poems that he wrote about/for me.

Paul just found this poem today & when I read it again, it brought tears to my eyes.  I did not grow up on a farm, but I know how much it means to Paul that he did.  My grandparents did have a farm & I was able to spend time there.  But I don't think I appreciated it at the time.  That to me is a sad part of life - not knowing to appreciate things in the moment, especially as a child.

We live in the city now, the big city of Bowling Green.  I love where we live & I love our home.  Paul does also, but we often wish we were on the farm.  Now that Nolin Leigh is on her way, we wish for the farm even more.  There are so many life lessons to learn living simply in the country! 

I understand that there is a place for big cities & businesses.  But I wish there was still more of a place for small towns & farms.  I wish there was still a place where there are no clocks & scheduled appointments.  I obviously do not remember those times, but would love to live that life!  Paul & I often say that we are living in the wrong time.  We feel like we would have fit right in back in the "old days". 

Luckily Paul's parents still live on the farm.  One day Paul & I even hope to live there.  But until then, we have a place to take Nolin so she can experience the beauty of the country. 

Just a side note - the background of the poem is a picture of the Markham's farm.  That is a cabin where Paul's grandparents used to live.  Such a beautiful place!

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