Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Green Worms for Dinner?

In an effort to get me to eat more vegetables (or any at all, really), Paul invested in a pasta maker today.  He is really wanting me to eat healthily.  He always has, but he does have a bit more interest in it now.  I am carrying his child, after all. 

Paul has been in the kitchen all evening perfecting his pasta recipe.  He is really putting some hard work into it!  That is one reason that I love him so much!  He puts up with my craziness (in this case, picky-ness) & figures out ways to get things done! 

On tonight's menu: spinach pasta!  He made spinach fettuccine actually.  I told him it looked like green worms!  How is that for appreciative?  :)  But seriously, it was yummy!  I didn't even realize I was eating spinach!  That's a big step for me.  I usually run away from anything green.  So hopefully Paul has discovered a way to trick me into eating more vegetables & on top of that, making pasta is fun!


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  1. get an A+ for creativity and Brandi, you get an A+ for trying. Love yuo both.