Sunday, January 14, 2018

Josie Lynn - Two Years Old

Josephine Lynn is two years old!!

Josie is no longer a little baby. She's growing in to such a cute & funny little girl. It's crazy how much she is changing every day. 

Josie loves to talk. She has started using full sentences at times & she will repeat anything you ask her to. I think she has developmental leaps in the middle of the night. Several times when we have been sharing a room lately (traveling), she is wide awake in the middle of the night saying something. One night she saw me cuddling her blanket next to her in bed & she said, "This is my blanket Momma. This is my woof woof." It was the cutest & funniest thing because I hadn't heard her use a complete sentence like that before.

Some of my favorite things that Josie says/does:
  • Josephine loves her woof woof & will carry him around everywhere.
  • Josie calls herself JoJo most of the time since we often call her that.
  • Josie absolutely loves bandaids & stickers. She will use bandaids like stickers & place them all over herself. When she wants them, she runs to the drawer saying, "boo boo".
  • Josie's favorite song is "Werwolves of London".
  • She also loves Lady Gaga. She has been known to ask Alexis to play Gaga. "Exa, Gaga"
  • Josie absolutely loves to dance! If she hears music, she will stop & dance anywhere.
  • She has the funniest little evil laugh. 
  • Nolin was dressed up as "captured by an alien" for Halloween. Josie started imitating the way that Nolin acted. It was the funniest little thing!
  • She loves to count. I often hear her saying, "eight, nine, ten".'
  • She will say "bess you" if you sneeze.
  • When we pass light switches, she says, "press the light".
  • Josie loves to flush the toilet!
  • When she hears the conventional oven ding, she runs through the house yelling, "ready!" to tell everyone. Then she says, "hot".
  • I love how she says, "wash a hands" & "brush a teeth".
  • She loves deer & we often have them in our backyard. One day Paul found her looking at the back window saying, "I love you deer!"
  • She will whisper, "Josie, Josie, amazing" like in Moana when they say, "You're so amazing". It is super cute! She will insert everyone's name in & say it.
  • For a long time Josie called milk, "shoe". Sometimes she will say milk correctly when we tell her, but for now she has transitioned to calling it, "shilk". I have no idea where she ever got this.
  • Josie still uses some sign language, but mostly uses her words now to communicate. If she doesn't really know the words she will mumble a long something & it's too cute!
  • Josie loves baths & will run upstairs whenever it's time to take one.
  • She says "night night Bubba" at nap time, even through her fussing when she doesn't want to go to sleep.
  • She loves to look for everyone's belly button & also loves to give zerberts on our bellies.
  • Josie has great fine motor skills. She can open almost anything she gets her hands on.

Josie has gone pee pee in the potty a couple of times, but she has not officially potty trained yet. She takes a lot of interest in the potty & will sit on it often. She strips down & runs around the house naked most of the time! So we keep a potty out for her. When she does leave her diaper on, she will always take it off immediately after she pees & she will often tell us when she has pooped. So I imagine it won't be too long before she trains. Josie loves to watch Potty Time. It's the only thing she has really watched on TV so far & she will ask for it often, "watch Potty Time". If she thinks she is going to get to watch a show, she will run to the couch to sit down & say, "watch show".

She is such a loving little girl. She is the first to give hugs to bubba or sissy when they are sad or hurt. She also loves to give them kisses & cuddle. Every night at bedtime, she will run into one of their rooms, crawl into their bed, lay down & pull the cover up, & say, "night, night".

Josie is still sleeping in the crib. She doesn't mind being there at all. I usually only hold her for a few minutes at nap time & bed time before I put her in the crib. Then she lays down & talks/plays until she falls asleep. Some times she does protest nap time. Some times she doesn't fall asleep for nap at all. But she will stay in her crib & play for a couple of hours, so I'm not complaining! She always makes sure that she has woof woof first, but then several of her other stuffed animals & baby dolls. Most of the time when I come to get her after nap, he baby doll is naked & she asks me to put the clothes back on. Not only does she not mind sleeping in the crib, she is terrible at sleeping in the bed! I tried to share a bed with her on our visit to Kentucky & she is impossible to get to sleep that way. She just crawls around, climbs on top of me, kicks me. & more. LOL. I do love holding her in the rocker before bed though. Sometimes she wants to cuddle for a while & sometimes she is ready for the crib immediately. When she is ready, she will sit up, say, "kiss" & after I kiss her she says, "bed". Lately though, Josie has been wanting me to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or You are My Sunshine. She wants me to sing them over & over again. She will say either, "Twinkle Star Momma" or "Sunshine away Momma". When I finish she just keeps saying, "sing Momma". It's so sweet!

While Josie Lynn may be sweet, she is also a little wild child! She learns everything from her brother & sister. I have found her in the kitchen, on the counter, getting her Daddy's chocolate out of the cabinet. I have found her standing on the dining room table hanging onto the chandelier. She learned early how to push a chair/stool over to climb up wherever she wants! Josie also tends to get in the trash can quite often! She also still likes to throw food in the floor while eating. Momma's pretty much over that one! When Josie has something she shouldn't, she runs away & when I get close she throws it across the room. It's a super fun game! Haha. Josie's personality especially comes out in her funny little facial expressions!

Josephine is little miss independent. She likes to do everything she can by herself. She doesn't want to be carried up the stairs. She would rather go on her own & she wants to close the gate on her own. She does not want us to carry her to the car. She also does not want us to put her in the car or the car seat. She must do it on her own! Sometimes she throws quite the tantrum when I have to buckle her because we are in a hurry. Her tantrums are still funny at this age though. Makes me giggle when she throws herself on the ground & fusses! Josie also likes to put her shoes on by herself. Sometimes they get on the right feet! & just like she puts them on, she takes them off in the car, of course. A lot of the time they end up in the floor with her socks, but sometimes she takes her socks off & puts her shoes back on.

As well as being spunky & independent, Josie is super friendly to everyone. She loves saying hello. Even if she just saw me a few minutes ago, she will still get excited & say, "Hi Mommy" when I come back in the room. She does it to all of us & it's super cute. It's also funny when someone opens her door & she is in the crib she will say, "Hello Bubba!" or whoever it is coming in. Josie loves to say hello to people that she sees out in public. She also loves to say, "hello Arfur" to Nolin's fish.

Josie has all of her teeth except her two year molars. there is no sign of those coming in just yet though.

Christmas was a lot of fun with Josie this year. We had to put the ornaments up high on the tree so she wouldn't break them or throw them. I also had to put tags back on presents regularly & even tape up a few that she had gotten into! She was a little handful! But I loved that she was able to participate more in Christmas this year.

I love my baby girl & can't wait to continue to watch her grow!

Just for fun because I love her little voice...

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