Saturday, April 22, 2017

Friends Together Again!

This month we were super excited to be reunited with friends from afar. I didn't take my camera out much, but I have a few shots of the kiddos from our adventures. & of course I don't have a picture from my camera of all the kiddos together, so I've included some iPhone shots too!

Just hanging out
Checking out a view of the Potomac
Trip to the zoo!
Adventures at the Air & Space Museum

Everyone needs some ice cream! (except poor Josie. LOL)

In the District!
The White House
We took a fun trip to George Washington's Mount Vernon

Exploring in Great Falls, VA

Someone wasn't feeling this hug...betcha can't guess who!

Great Falls
Someone wasn't feeling this photo...LOL
Those allergies!

Birthday celebrations at Hershey Park!

Looking forward to our next reunion! :)

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