Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Josie Lynn - Eleven Months Old

Josephine Lynn is eleven months old!

Josie Lynn - Eleven Months - December 14, 2016
It seems unreal that we are just a month away from celebrating Josie's first year of life.

Josie is majorly on the move & she is fast! She has become very comfortable with pulling herself up on anything & everything. She is also starting to move her feet behind her walker toy a little bit too. Cruising is a fun activity for Josie now too. But, crawling is still her primary mode of transportation. She is up on her knees now full time. Sometimes she stands on her feet & walks around like a little ape. It's funny!

Climbing is also a favorite of Josie's. She doesn't let anything stop her, not even people. If you get in her way, she just climbs right over you!

Josie now has a mouth full of six teeth! She has the cutest little grin now & we are starting to see what she is going to look like. :) Check out this adorable smile...

Josephine is a great little eater so far! Hopefully she will not learn to be a picky one. She eats almost anything that she tries. She is also eating more table food now & doing great. She has also finally learned how to drink from her sippy cup while sitting up.  Josie thinks it is so funny to stick her tongue out after eating a bit at dinner. It's the cutest little thing.

She still puts everything in her mouth. She has the absolute best pincer grip & will find the tiniest piece of food dropped by her big sister & brother.

Josie loves to sing & make noise. She is saying "Momma" & "Dadda" more regularly & she loves to say "Uh oh", but she isn't saying much else consistently yet. We do sometimes hear a "Bubba", "Hey", "Hi", or "Bye". She tries to say a lot though. I imagine it won't be long until she is really talking.

One of my favorite things that Josie is doing now is giving kisses. She loves to give sweet little open-mouth kisses. :)

Here are some other fun things that Josie is doing now:
  • She loves waving to people & sometimes still waves at herself.
  • She thinks it is a fun game to pull tags off the presents under the Christmas tree! She takes off super fast when she gets a straight shot for the tree. Then when I tell her no, she falls over to her side, smiles, & giggles. 
  • She loves opening & closing drawers & cabinets.
  • She loves music & usually starts dancing when she hears it. Her older siblings really love Sia's Cheap Thrills, so naturally Josie really loves that song as well.
  • She loves unrolling the toilet paper when she gets the chance.
  • She loves playing in the water during bath time.
  • She enjoys throwing things on the floor when she is sitting in her high chair. 
  • She has no need for any toys or blankets in the car seat. If I hand her something, she almost always immediately throws it in the floor. I've actually lost a few items in the car line at Harris' preschool when I've accidentally opened her door at pick-up. ;)
  • She loves to make noise & pat her mouth at the same time. Paul does it as a joke, but Josie loves it. She even tries to do it herself now.
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