Saturday, May 14, 2016

Josie Lynn - Four Months Old

Time sure is flying by - Josephine Lynn is four months old!

Josephine Lynn - Four Months - May 14, 2016
Josie is really developing a little personality now. She is becoming much more alert & loves to talk, giggle, & smile! Nolin is the best at getting the cute little belly laughs from Josephine. :) Josie is such a happy baby girl. The poor girl doesn't always get good naps, as the third child, but when she is woken up, she is almost always smiling.

Over this last month, Josie is sitting up pretty well when supported in her seat. She loves to sit up like a big girl. She has also learned to roll over from her back to belly. At first, she would get pretty mad because she was on her belly & didn't know how to roll back. She has rolled from belly to back a couple of times now, but she isn't quite sure how she is doing it yet. But Josephine is rolling from back to belly non-stop now. It's like a reflex! She just can't help herself. :)

A few days ago Josephine got her jumperoo. She doesn't reach the floor in it yet, without a pillow, but she seems to like it so far. Can't wait to see her really start moving in it! When we put her in it the first time, she was so cute looking at all the toys & colors. She was in awe. LOL

Josephine is learning to grab & hold onto things now. She grabs some teething toys & brings them to her mouth, but doesn't hold onto them for too long. She also loves to hold onto my hair or the strings on my hoodie. One of the cutest things she does lately, is hold her hands together in her lap. She looks like a patient little adult. :)

Josie still loves to keep her hands in her mouth. She often gags herself & spits up because of it. Hopefully that phase will pass soon. LOL. Sometimes Josie finds her thumb to suck on. She has put herself to sleep a couple of times by sucking on her thumb. Of course I was not prepared for her to do that, so it was on my bed when I was just lying her down for a moment. Figures!

Luckily, Josephine will take the pacifier pretty well. I don't give it to her all the time, but if she has nursed, I often give her the pacifier in bed, so she won't stay latched on all night. She starts the night in her bedroom, but comes to bed with me when she wakes. She nurses a couple of times in bed, but takes the pacifier in between. I just love cuddling with her in bed. :)

Nursing is going great with Josie now. When I look back at the first month with Josephine & how much we struggled with breastfeeding, it amazes me how well we are doing now. I'm so glad we stuck it out, because I wouldn't take anything for the time I spend bonding while breastfeeding my babies.

I wish I had a picture, but one of my favorite things Josie has done this month is holding her hands clasped together in her lap prim & proper. :)

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