Friday, April 15, 2016

Josephine Lynn - Three Months Old

Josephine Lynn - Three Months - April 14, 2016
Josie Lynn is three months old! Our girl is growing fast too!

She is doing an awesome job at holding her head up. Nolin & Harris love when Josie "sits" next to them on the couch. We haven't done tummy time as much as we should at this point, so we've really got to get on that. Josie does enjoy lying on her back though. She really gets to wiggling & riding a bicycle with her little legs. :)

Another big thing for Josie right now is eating her hands! The girl constantly has them in her mouth. She is doing lots of slobbering & even gags herself sometimes. LOL

Josephine really loves her big sister & big brother. She just smiles at them & she is starting to laugh too. She is also trying to "talk" to us. Love her sweet little voice!

Thank goodness Josephine is a great bath taker! She just relaxes & enjoys the water. :)

Josie is doing pretty well when it comes to nighttime sleep. I can now put her to sleep & lay her down in her bedroom. She will sleep for five or so hours before waking to nurse. Then she spends the rest of the night in bed with me. The next step is getting her to sleep laying in a flat bassinet/crib. She is currently sleeping in a rock & play.

When it comes to naptime...we are really struggling. Due to our moving situation, I haven't been able to get her get her into a quiet place for naps. So she basically sleeps on me & has no consistent schedule. So, now that we are in our new house, I've got to really work on getting her to take good naps in her own room.

Josie is still nursing pretty well. She is growing like a weed too! We haven't tried to give her a bottle yet & I'm not sure that we will. I guess we will just see how things go. Josie still spits up a good bit though. I'm not loving that! Sometimes she nurses for comfort & is completely full, so she spits up every bit of milk she just took in! I'll be glad when she doesn't do that anymore. :)

To be only three months old, Josephine has done a lot already. She's flown across the country, taken a twelve hour road trip, & lived in three different houses! She is quite the traveler!

We are so thankful for our third little addition & we look forward to seeing her grow!

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