Monday, March 14, 2016

Josephine Lynn - Two Months Old

It's hard to believe that Josephine is already two months old!

Josephine Lynn - Two Months - March 14, 2016
Josie is really growing fast!  Like her big brother & sister, she skipped the newborn outfits & went straight to 0-3 months.  She is really squeezing into some of these now. & of course I didn't pack many bigger outfits for our KY visit! We may have to do a little shopping to last her until we officially make it to our new home. 

Josie is holding her head up very well. She has done pretty good with the head control from the beginning. She is a strong little girl!

Over this past month Josie has really begun expressing herself.  She has the sweetest smile & the brightest eyes. I love when she lights up as she sees me. She is also finding her sweet little voice & starting to "talk".

Josephine has found her hands & she loves to suck on them!  This can be difficult when I try to lay her down to sleep, bc it can sometimes stir her awake.

Overall Josephine is a laid back baby girl. Thank goodness, because as a third child, it's kind of necessary! Josie lets other people hold her when she's content & that hasn't necessarily been the story with her older siblings, especially Harris! Josie really only fusses when she's tired or hungry. Oh & when she needs to burp...which is often! If she doesn't get a good burp or two out after nursing, she spits up, a lot! This can make it hard to get her to sleep after nursing. 

Speaking of sleep, Josie does well --- when she is with me!  She is just like her big brother in this way. She has pretty much shared a bed with Momma from the beginning. I love being close to her & she sleeps so much better with me. For a few weeks now, I have been able to put her to sleep by herself for the first 4-5 hours of her night. Then she comes to bed with me once she wakes. Hopefully before too long the first stretch of her sleep will grow longer & longer. :)

Naps are a different story. I don't get a chance to sit & rock Josie to sleep with two older siblings to look after. So nap time is difficult...especially since she isn't in a routine yet. I think it will be easier for me to put her down for good naps when her schedule is figured out. I'm hoping once we get to our new house next month, we can really work on this. For now, we just do the best we can!

Jospehine will sometimes take the pacifier. Nolin was hooked on a paci. Harris never really took to one. Hopefully Josie will be a good mix...take the paci to soothe at times, but not be addicted. ;) She has started getting to where I have to put the paci back in her mouth sometimes during a nap. Not good! But she just doesn't get in a good sleep during the day to not want it. At night she doesn't typically need it bc she's in a deeper sleep.

I'm happy to say that Josephine is still nursing & things are going much better! I'm not hurting anymore & she is definitely growing! She doesn't necessarily have the proper latch, but we have figured out what works for us. Just as with Harris, Josie has more milk than she needs at times. She gets choked up more than I would like, but I think it's getting better as she grows & takes more milk. 

Josephine is already a frequent flyer! She has been out & about a lot. She flew to KY at five weeks old & then flew to DC at eight weeks to help Mommy & Daddy house hunt. She did great on the flights! Although, she isn't always a huge fan of the car seat! 

Big Sister & Big Brother as still head over heals for Josie! I think she thinks pretty fondly of them as well. :) Looking forward to watching their relationship grow!

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