Sunday, February 14, 2016

Josephine Lynn - One Month Old

It's hard to believe that Josephine is already a month old!

Josephine Lynn - One Month - February 14, 2016
Josie Lynn is so completely loved by everyone in our family...especially her big sister & big brother! Nolin & Harris are constantly looking for Josephine. It is the cutest thing, when big sister or brother come over to see Josie, they almost always say, "awwwww, she's so cute!" It makes me giggle every time! :) Nolin & Harris also love to sing to Josie when she is upset & to read books to her. She is one lucky little sister! I'm so very thankful for three loving children!

It seems as though Josephine is going to have a few nicknames, but most of the time when we don't call her Josephine, we call her Josie. I think Josie Lynn is just too cute!

As with all my babies, Josephine loves to be held. I've spent a lot of time sitting with her or carrying her around. Thank goodness she seems to like carriers, because I'm pretty sure she will be spending a lot of time in one while Mommy chases around her older sister & brother!

I can't complain too much about sleep...Josephine does okay with it. Some nights are good & others are not so good. She is sleeping with Mommy for now. She is starting to let us lay her down a little more often during the day lately, so that's good. She is definitely going to have to learn to sleep by herself at some point!

To be honest, I expected breastfeeding to be a breeze with my third child. But unfortunately, it has been a huge challenge for Josephine & me. She latched on immediately after her birth & things seemed as if they would go well. But as the day went on, I started having pain. I've always had a little pain when I first begin nursing, but this seemed different. It seemed like Josie couldn't latch as well as she needed to & she was also pretty fussy. I noticed that she looked like she had an upper lip tie. The lactation consultant & pediatrician didn't think it was a problem, but we decided to take Josie to see an expert anyway. Turns out, she needed to have her lip & tongue clipped. She had a sneaky tongue tie, as well as the upper lip tie. It was better to clip it while she was still so young. That night after we saw the doctor, we noticed Josephine sticking her tongue out & playing with it. She wasn't able to do that before!

Breastfeeding got a little better after the lip & tongue clip, but I noticed that Josephine was still clamping down when nursing. This was leaving me quite bruised. So, we decided to look into ways to get her to release some tension in her jaw & we found a doctor who does cranial osteopathy on infants. Luckily he was able to get us in for a few visits. Through these visits, we also learned that Josie has a bit of a crooked jaw (apparently she was squished in my belly!). So he was able to work on that a little. In time it should straighten out all the way, we hope! While I am still a little sore & it takes work when latching, Josie is finally doing better with nursing.

Since I was having so much pain from breastfeeding early on, I introduced Josephine to the pacifier after two weeks. I usually like to wait longer, but I couldn't have her latched on to me all night until I healed a bit. She doesn't love the pacifier, but she will sometimes take it at night after she nurses.

Josephine is a little spitter upper.  I was hoping she would take after her older sister & not spit up, but looks like she's going to be more like her brother in this area. We go through a cycle when nursing. She nurses, falls asleep, wakes up because of a burp, seems wide awake, & then insists she must nurse again. This makes for interesting nights, because I have to burp her or she will spit up all over the bed. :/ Hopefully she will grow out of the spit up soon.

I haven't been brave enough to go out too much on my own with all three kids yet, but we did take one adventure out & survived. So there is hope that we will get out again one day! :) Josie doesn't love the car seat & sometimes will scream her little head off for the first little bit in the car. I sure hope this is something she gets over fast!

We are absolutely loving getting to know our newest family member & can't wait to see the little girl she becomes!

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