Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Countdown is ON...

I'm almost 39 weeks now & still rocking this baby bump!

37 weeks
I'm not sure if I want to say this pregnancy has flown by or what...some days it feels as it has & others I feel like I've been pregnant for years! :)

Here we are about to hit single digits & approaching the 39th week. I'm so thankful to have been able to carry my three babies to term, but I gotta be honest, I'm ready to meet this baby girl!

I can't really complain about anything with this pregnancy, either. This have progressed pretty smoothly. I'm dealing with the frequent trips to the restroom, a little acid reflux, some trouble sleeping, some swelling...but all to be expected. I may be experiencing some crazy emotions as well...just ask Paul about that! & the kids might tell you that I have moments of little patience...but thank goodness they still love me! They both are looking forward to cuddling Mommy without the big belly being in the way! :)

Josephine seems to be hanging out in the right position, so hopefully her labor will go smoothly as well. She is also measuring as she should. I'll be interested in seeing if she is the same size as her 8 pound siblings were. My belly appears to be about the same, so fingers crossed she is no bigger! :)

Josephine has slowed down a little bit with her movement...guess baby girl is just about out of room! But she still gets the hiccups & moves just enough to let me know she is doing well!

Here is the latest of the belly growth...if all goes as it did with Nolin & Harris, there will not be a 40 week belly photo! Here's to hoping we meet baby Josephine soon!

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