Thursday, December 31, 2015

Leavenworth & Snow!

We recently enjoyed a fun little getaway with friends to Leavenworth, WA! On the way there, we stopped by Lake Wenatchee for some gorgeous scenery & some fun in the snow.

The  Yoshikawa Family
The Markham Family
The Dometita Family

My husband is a dork! :)

Giving his baby bump some love!
Baby Josephine - 37 weeks

Harris enjoyed the snow, except when he fell all the way into it. LOL
Most of the kiddos enjoying some snow play!

& more sledding!

Nolin & Harris were little daredevils...they went down the entire hill by themselves. Their little circle sleds just spun & spun in circles. I about had a heart attack each time! Of course, I always got their backs when they were close to me...

Daddy running down the hill with Harris! LOL
Such a big boy!
Paul & Aleah had a race down the hill!
Beautiful scenery!


Aleah didn't get the memo on this one. Although, I look a little crazy, myself...haha!
Daddy & Nolin taking a trip down the hill together!

Nolin was fearless on the sled! Here's a video on her coming down once...

Harris was fearless too...of course I didn't take a video until he went down with Daddy.  I was always trying to slow him down when he went down alone. LOL

We enjoyed some fun times at the house where we stayed. The kids loved "living" with their friends for a night. We also enjoyed walking around the cute little town...of course I didn't take pictures of it. :/ We did get a pic of the kids in front of The Gingerbread Factory...super yummy cookies!
Fun Times with Friends!
Sleigh Ride through the snow with Tim & Tom, the horses!
We had to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy, Harris, on the sleigh ride! Harris even got to take home a real golden horse shoe as a present...that was his favorite part! :)

Once we got home & settled, Harris opened his presents from family & of course we had to sing to him with his candle & birthday wish! He will have a party in a few weeks with two of his best buddies. :)

What a fun little adventure for our family & my big boy turning three!

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  1. Wonderful pics Brandi. Love the videos too. Love your belly!