Saturday, December 26, 2015

Harris William - Three Years Old

It is so hard to believe that my baby boy is three years old! It seems like just yesterday he was my tiny baby boy.

Harris has grown so much over the last year. I gotta be honest, I didn't expect him to talk as much & as well as Nolin did early on. I've heard that sometimes boys don't, but this boy of mine has done nothing but impress. He started talking just as well & just as early on as his big sister. Maybe the fact that she loves to talk, helped him learn as well. :)

I absolutely LOVE listening to Harris tell stories. He is so creative & imaginative. It amazes me the stories he comes up with & the things he remembers to tell. Although he is a great little talker, her sometimes will talk a little jibberish to be funny. & he's right, it's pretty funny when he gets going!

Harris is a very well-mannered little guy. He is always so polite & never forgets to say please & thank you. He is also such a little lover. He loves to give hugs & kisses! Often times I get about fifty kisses at once! :) I really  need to video it so I can show him when he's a teenager. Haha.

Over this past year, Harris had started gymnastics & preschool at home with Momma. He has his wild moments at gym class, but he really is learning to follow the routine & listen to his teachers. He is also doing an awesome job learning with me. We started early in the year learning about colors, but not we are working our way through the alphabet. He is doing great! I was worried a little bit at first, but he has done nothing but impress me. He is also learning numbers 1-6 right now. He's taken to the numbers a little slower than the letters, but he is doing great. He knows how to write "H" for Harris, but fine motor skills are a little harder for him. I plan to work lots with him on this over the next little bit. I know he will get it in his time.

It took a little longer than Momma would have liked, but Harris did potty train this year. He wasn't quite as excited about potty training as his big sister had been. So, Momma probably had higher expectations than needed in that area! I'm proud of my boy though...he does a great job now!

Harris really loves his big sissy! They are just the best of friends & I'm so thankful they have each other. It just warms my heart when he tells her how much he loves here or gives her hugs & kisses! He is pretty excited about his expected little sister too. It's super sweet to watch him love on my belly & talk about baby Josephine!

Apparently Harris also loves little girls. A few months ago, he stole his first kiss (from someone other than Momma)! While listening to a story at gym class, he started kissing his cute little friend next to him. They just kept kissing too! Luckily I caught it on video!

Harris keeps us laughing & entertained around here. He says some of the cutest things. Of course, I know I've forgotten to write a lot of it down, but here are a few things he's said/done over the last year that make me giggle...

For the longest time, whenever Harris wanted to do something independently, he would say "all by my big boy!" I love that he said that instead of "by myself." :)

Harris calls breasts "boo boos". Not sure where that came from! LOL

Me: Harris are you all finished (on the potty)?
Harris: "No, there's more poo poo coming out.  Innnn 58 seconds."

58 seconds is actually Harris' go to answer lately. :)

Me: "Harris do you need to go potty?  When's the last time you went potty?"
Harris: "Ummm...4 weeks."

Instead of saying "my," Harris says "mine." For instance, he will say, "That's mine iPad."

& just for the cuteness factor, here are some other pics from H's birthday photo shoot...

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