Saturday, September 12, 2015

Josephine Lynn - The Namesake(s)

Josephine Lynn Markham
In keeping with tradition, we knew our third child would also carry family names. We have actually been keeping the name Josephine in our pocket for years. We knew that if we were to have another girl, Josephine it would be! :) However, when had so much confusion about Tiny Markham #3's gender, we went out in search of another boy name that we would love.  We found one! We even called the baby by the boy's name for a short time (ooops!).  But we were in for a surprise during out routine ultrasound...turns out we are getting our little Josephine Lynn!

The name Josephine comes from Paul's side of the family.  Josephine Markham is Paul's great, great grandmother.  In fact, Josephine was the mother of Nolin Markham (my Nolin's namesake). From what we know, Josephine was always taking care of others & she passed away from tuberculosis, after taking care of others with the disease. Lynn comes from my side of the family.  Lynn was my maternal grandmother's maiden name Maxie Olene Lynn. I'm so happy to name this little one after my grandma Birge. She was always taking care of people & as the youngest grandchild, she spoiled me rotten! Whenever I came to visit, she made sure to make me a chocolate pie! I was always doomed to be addicted to chocolate! ;)

Below you will see pictures of Paul's great, great grandmother,  Josephine Markham & my grandmother, Maxie Olene (Lynn) Birge.

Josephine Markham, Paul's great, great grandmother
Maxie Olene (Lynn) Birge, with Ancle, Brandi's maternal grandparents
at their 50th wedding anniversary!
Looking forward to telling Josephine Lynn all about her namesakes one day!

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