Sunday, July 5, 2015

Family Camping at Mt. Rainier

This past week we spent our first night camping as a family at Mt. Rainier National Park.  We had tons of fun, learned a few things, & most importantly - we survived! :)

Yay! We have a tent!
Trying to break in before bed...
Playing in the hammock! 
Now playing in the dirt!

This is the life!

Messy little guy! ;)
Just having a snack!

This was right behind our camp sight & it was the kids favorite place.

Harris was talking to the dirt. LOL

All cleaned up & getting ready for dinner. 

Ask Nolin what her favorite part of camping was...she will tell you the marshmallows! Her second favorite part...the hotdogs! This girl likes to eat! LOL

Just chillin'...

Nolin led us on our hike!
Daddy helped Harris touch the hot spring. Super cool!

Love my babies!

Checking out the map...

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