Monday, April 13, 2015

Tulip Time!

Nolin, Harris, & I took our annual trip to the Tulip Festival this past week.  It is much less crowded to go during the week, so Daddy didn't get to go with us.  :(

We enjoyed the gorgeous day with the tulips & even some ice cream treats!

Someone's always up for a photo session! ;)

Someone else doesn't make it easy for Momma! ;)

Where's Nolin?

Beautiful tulips - hooray!

Someone fell in the mud not long after we arrived. He then attempted to take his pants off several times. LOL
Sibling Love!
Time for ice cream!!
There's one way to get the kids to pose together! ;)

Harris has his eye on you...

Happy girl!

Happy boy!

Successful day! :)

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