Friday, February 27, 2015

Harris' Preschool: The Color Red

It's that time...Harris is starting school with Momma!  For Harris, I've started with colors.  We will do fun sensory activities, art activities, scavenger hunts, & more.  I got this Color of the Week idea from Play Create Explore & I'm adding in some other fun color ideas each week.

Up first...the color RED!

Each week will start with a Color Mystery Box.  The kids enjoyed opening the box & looking at all of the red items.
Harris especially loved his red glass. :)

I had the kids identify each object "red boat".  This was really for Harris, but Nolin participated.
Nolin identified the red letters.

Nolin also practiced writing the word - red.
The kids loved this red gravel sensory activity.  They could have played for hours. 

Harris colored with his red crayon.
Harris loved placing the red beads onto the red pipe cleaner.

Nolin had to work a little harder in digging out the red beads.

Of course we played with red playdoh!
To make this activity challenging for Nolin, I gave her numbers & the had to create that many objects.
We stamped with red apples.

We even painted red ladybugs.

We also went on a red scavenger hunt, played with red balloons, & ate yummy red foods (raspberries, tomatoes, apples, strawberries).

We also sang the RED song that I used to sing with my kindergarten students.  It helps with learning to spell the word.  :)

Harris & Nolin both love having "school".  They ask for lessons every day.  I'm looking forward to continuing fun color activities.  Up next week - YELLOW.

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  1. such a great idea, the color boxes! you've proposed so many activities just in red, nice!!!