Sunday, June 29, 2014

Eighteen Months - Harris William

Harris William is 18 months old today!!

My baby boy continues to amaze me daily.  He is talking a lot!  I suppose he got that from me! ;) But honestly, I think have a very talkative big sister is beneficial too.  I love to hear their conversations.  :) Harris' vocabulary really impresses me.  I would say that just about every day he says a word that I didn't know he knew.  He is really good at repeating words to.  I'm impressed with how clear he can talk.  He already puts together two & three word phrases.  He even said a complete sentence recently, "I want the brush." He has even said, "I ove you".  At 16 months, he actually came up to me on his own, gave me a kiss, & said, "I ove you".  It melted my heart!  We understand the majority of what Harris says & if we don't understand, we are usually able to figure it out with context clues.

Some of my favorite little things that Harris says:
  • Just last night, he traded in "Momma" for "Mommy".
  • When he toots or someone else toots, he follows it up with a, "toot".  It's really funny how he just says it like it's nothing. 
  • When you give him something or help him, he says, "thank". :)
  • Whenever I change his diaper, he says, "shew!"
  • When he tickles you he says, "tickle, tickle, tickle".
  • He already calls Daddy, "Paul" sometimes.  Daddy isn't super excited about that! ;)
  • I love to hear him say, "nigh, night" at bedtime.
  • When he first started saying water it sounded like, "wawer". 
  • Before he was talking this much, he would always answer you with an, "eh?"
  • Quite often we let our balloons fly away to the sky.  Every time we do it, Harris says, "bye boon" & waves.  It is to cute!
  • One day when Harris heard the microwave beep, he took the plate that he was holding, held it like a steering wheel, & said, "beep, beep, beeeeeep".
  • He already says, "cheese" for pictures.  I guess I take a lot of pictures!
Harris has the cutest little laugh!  I just love to hear him giggle.  It's really funny to hear him mimic other peoples laughs too.  Harris comes across very serious at times.  You can look at his face & see him really concentrating on what he's doing.  This makes it hard to capture a smile sometimes in my pictures.  There is one person who can get a smile almost anytime though...sissy!  He adores her!  I just love to hear him say, "sissy".  It's really cute to watch him look for her in the mornings if he wakes up first.

so serious...
smiling at sissy...
Most of the time Harris is an easy going little guy.  He is usually in a good mood.  But he is starting to have some toddler temper tantrums.  I can't help but giggle when he throws himself on the floor or walks back & forth fussing.  

We haven't been doing the sign language like we should have with Harris.  We did a few & he would do those, but we didn't watch the Baby Signing Time videos much with him.  I wish we had done more of it, but I guess we can always teach sign language.

Harris is an independent little fellow.  He already feeds himself.  He uses the spoon pretty well.  He does get a little messy though.  He will start flinging his food if he isn't super hungry.  I'll be glad when that stage passes!  Harris likes to walk everywhere now do.  If he sees Nolin walking & we are holding him, he starts to push off & say, "down".  He is an expert at getting up & down the steps too.  I worked on that right after he turned one, since we have steps in this house.  He isn't trying to walk down them yet, thank goodness!  He does walk down steps outside, but they are only one or two steps.

Harris is finally (& I hesitate to say this) sleeping!  It took a good while to get there, but thank goodness we are there!  I started weaning him from breast milk around 15 months & he was completely weaned by 16 months.  It wasn't easy, but it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated...especially considering I was his pacifier!  I was super sad to wean him, but it was good for both of us to finally start getting some sleep.  Now he will sleep eleven to twelve hours every night (not usually waking) & a two to three our nap most days.

Currently, Harris has 12 teeth!  I think four others won't be far behind.  His gums seem to look red & swollen quite often.  He is a doozy when teething, because several always seem to come in at once.  So I'll be glad when the teething is done!

We are giving Harris medicine for acid reflux.  I'm pretty sure that's what caused him to throw up so much.  Once we started this medicine, he is eating better & not throwing up!  We have also been giving him lactose free milk, because we believe regular milk is hurting his stomach.  He can drink regular milk, but I think too much of it hurts him.  Speaking of milk, it took a bit of work to get him to take it.  I had to sweeten & warm it at first, but it didn't take long for him to take it straight from the fridge.

I've shown Harris the little potty.  I figure I want to introduce it to him, so he knows what it is.  It's cute watching him sit on it & look down.  He knows he is supposed to do something on it.  :)  We won't be doing serious potty training for a while though.

Harris loves cars, or tractors, or trains, or bikes...  He enjoys driving cars around the house.  It's really cute to watch him down on his knees driving & making little car noises.  He also loves big cars.  Every afternoon when Daddy gets home, he tries to open the car door so he can sit in the front seat to "drive".

Harris loves to be outside too.  I literally have to drag the boy in when we are finished playing!  Baths are another fave.  If he hears the water running in the tub, he will beat the door down to get in.

Harris loves to dance!  It's so funny watching him get his groove on.  He also does this cute thing where he hunches over while walking with the funniest little grin on his face.  I wish I had a picture of it.  When he is trying to move, carry, push, or pull something, he grunts while doing it!  Too funny!

Harris also loves book.  The whole family sits on Nolin's bed every night to read together.  Both kids pick out a book for us to read.  It's cute watching Harris run to pick a book & then carry it up on Nolin's bed.  Yep, he can climb on her bed now.  Many nights we walk in the room to see him already sitting in bed "reading" his book.  He really loves animals & animal books.  It's cute to hear him say the animal sounds.  His first animal sound was the cow - "moo!"  We get a kick out of reading farm books to him, because he loves to make the sounds.

My boy also loves to be naked!  If you are changing his diaper or clothes & he can get away from you, he will.  It's funny to watch his little booty run away. :)

He also has a thing for belly buttons.  I assume it's a comfort thing.  When he is sleepy, he rubs his finger there.  LOL  He might like to get other people's belly buttons too when he sees them!

Harris is also super helpful.  He enjoys helping me clean.  He always wants wipes to help clean up messes & to clean himself up after eating.  When we pick up toys he walks around saying, "keen up, keen up".

I'm so thankful for my baby boy.  He is such a loving, sweet little guy.  He loves to give kisses & he loves to cuddle.  :)


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