Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter O

This week we skipped a letter for the first unlike me!  But we are jumping into the letter O for the week of Easter & saving the letter N for next week - Nolin's birthday week!

Letter O Mystery Box - octopus, ocean animals, Cheerio's, orange, the color orange, an ocean book, upper & lowercase letter O's, an onion, an oven mitt, an oval, an octagon, an owl, & oatmeal
O is for cheeri-O's. :)

Nolin painted/stamped letter O's with Easter eggs.  Harris even got in on this action. :)

Nolin sorted upper & lowercase letter O's - oranges
O is for opposites - we pulled out the opposite puzzles again & Nolin did so well this time!
O is for Owl

Magic Letters - this was an activity from last week that we didn't get to.  It was super fun!  I wrote letters on white paper with white crayon.  Then Nolin got to use tweezers to drop them into liquid watercolors.  The letters would magically appear for her to identify.  After we identified all of the letters & allowed them to dry, we sorted them by upper & lowercase.
We painted with bubble wrap.  It was fun to see the little O's show up on the paper.
Nolin identified numbers on eggs & then counted the correct number of Cheeri-O's to put the in the egg.  Nolin still has a bit of trouble stopping when she gets to the correct number, so we are working hard on that.
The kids enjoyed playing with the eggs & Cheerios after we finished this activity.
O is for Oats - sensory play with oats, spoons, & eggs
The kids could have spent all day playing int he oats!
Just a little Easter Egg decorating...
O is for Octopus!  We counted the number of legs on an octopus toy & then created our own octopus.  Nolin had to order the numbers correctly also.
& somehow the week got away from us again...April is one busy month!  We hope to get to our fun ocean sensory table & water beads tomorrow.  I'll have to post about it next week! :)

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