Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter M

This week...

M is for MOHAWK ;)
Letter M Mystery Box - money, marshmallows, macaroni, mask, moon, upper & lowercase letter M's, magic wand, marker, milk, M&M's, Minnie Mouse, monkey, mailbox, magnets, & a letter M book
We played a game of "Mud on the Pig".  Nolin rolled the dice & counted out the corresponding pieces of "mud" to put on the pig.  I'm really trying to work numbers in as much as possible.  She has come really far with one-to-one correspondence when counting on the dots on the dice, but when she still gets distracted pretty easily & forgets what number she is counting to for the second part of various tasks.  She is getting there though!

Nolin painted with baking soda & vinegar.  I added liquid watercolors to a tablespoon of baking soda.  Nolin started with the paintbrush, but quickly decided that she would rather spoon the "paint" onto the paper.  After she decorated her paper, she dropped vinegar on it to watch her art fizz.  Eventually she just started dropping vinegar directly into the baking soda colors to see the fizz.  :)
M is for Marshmallows!  Yum!
We had some absolutely gorgeous weather this week, so we jumped on the chance to plant our sunflower seeds.
Nolin wanted to sit with them & wait for them to grow...
Just love this girl!  I sure hope they grow eventually!
M is for Mickey Mouse 
Nolin sorted upper & lowercase letter M's.
Nolin sorted money & we talked about the names & values of each coin.
She enjoyed putting the money back in the jar too.

Nolin used tweezers to sort pompoms into muffin cups.  She is getting good with this fine motor skill.

This is a fun Easter idea that I got from Fun at Home with Kids.  I filled balloons with water & special surprises.  Then I froze them overnight & cut off the balloons.  Then Nolin got to experiment with the frozen eggs.  She poured salt on the eggs to create texture & then she used liquid watercolor to decorate them.  After decorating, we used hot water to melt the ice & find the special surprises.   

Harris had a lot of fun helping out!

We also got out some vinegar & baking soda for a little fizzing fun!
M is for Map!  Daddy knew we were studying the letter M, so he brought home a world map & a United States map.
Nolin is showing where we live - Washington State!

Nolin had a friend come over & we made moon sand.  The kids really enjoyed playing in this.  I have seen many different recipes for moon sand, but I used 5 cups of flour & 1 cup of baby oil.  It is pretty neat stuff - so soft & moldable. 

The kids also mixed & melted colored ice cubes outside.  I made these from liquid watercolors.  The kids enjoyed playing with them, but I think it would have been even more fun if it were a warmer day.
I had a couple of other activities planned, but we had such a busy weekend that we didn't get to them. We will throw them in next week!  We will actually be skipping the letter N & heading into the letter O for next week.  I'm saving N for the week of Nolin's birthday! :)

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