Saturday, April 5, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter L

This week is all about the letter L.

A love letter from Mommy to Nolin :)
Reading her love letter :)
Letter L Mystery Box - upper & lowercase letter L's, lighthouse, leaf, love letter, lamb, lion, lifesavers, lacing, leotard, light, lentils, legos, ladle, & ladybug
Nolin practiced tracing lines on a laminated sheet that I made.  She did really well with this.  She is even doing so well holding her pencil correctly. I was super proud!
L is for Lines
L is for Leigh - Nolin Leigh Markham
Nolin sorted upper & lowercase L's.
Nolin made a little lamb.
Nolin loved tracing the lines so much, that I laminated an alphabet sheet & one with her full name.
We mailed some "letters".  Nolin counted dots on cards & put them in the correct number envelope.
This was great fine motor practice for Nolin.  & obviously, this is a different turn than the picture above. ;)
Nolin counted gummy lifesavers & put them on the numbered popsicle sticks.
This was also great fine motor practice.
L is for Lion - ROAR
L is for, of course, Legos - we enjoyed some Legos & paint.
L is for Ladybug
I made invisible letters from a hot glue gun & Nolin searched the rainbow rice to find & identify them all.
Love the colors!
After finding all of the letters, we enjoyed some plain old sensory play in the rainbow rice. 

Of course we had to play with our Legos in the rainbow rice. 

We even brought in some cars!  The fun never stops with rainbow rice! ;)

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