Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter K

Up this week...the letter K!

K is for Kernels
Letter K Mystery Box - foam letter K, upper & lowercase letter K's, letter K book, kangaroo, kernels, kisses, koala, kiwi, keys, Kool-Aid, King, & kite
Nolin became a kangaroo & hopped around looking for letter K's to put in her pouch.
Nolin also became a King.
Nolin sorted upper & lowercase letter K's
Nolin added the coordinating number of bows to the kite strings.  She even chose to match the colors. :)
We made a sun-catcher kite.

& of course we (attempted) to fly a real kite...we will try again when there is better wind.

K is for Kisses!
K is for Kiwi
K is for Keys (key rubbing)
Nolin used clothespins to clip the lowercase letter to match the given uppercase letter.  She did such a great job with this.
K is for Kool-Aid!  If you've never painted with Kool-Aid, it smells super yummy!

K is for Kitchen!  Nolin really enjoyed starting Nolin's Kitchen.  I gave her some corn kernels, rice, beans, baking soda, vinegar, bowls & spoons...she cooked up a storm in her own little kitchen.  She especially loved mixing the baking soda & vinegar to see the cool reaction.  

I had planned to introduce Nolin to kickball this week, but the weather & the unfortunate stomach bug that hit our house had different plans...

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