Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nolin's Preschool - Letter E

This week we focused on the letter E & of course, Valentine's Day crafts!

E is for Elmo & Elephants!
Nolin practiced tracing her name.  She is Miss Independent, so she isn't too crazy about me helping her with writing.  She finally did some tracing on her own though.  She doesn't like for Momma to show her the correct way to write the letters...I suppose we will get to that eventually.  LOL
E is for Eggs!  Harris got this cute little egg set for his birthday.  Nolin named & matched the shapes on the bottom of the eggs to the correct shape in the egg carton.
After matching the shapes, she matched the little faces on the chicks & the egg shells.  Super cute little toy!
I introduced Nolin to symmetry by having her put paint on one side of the heart & then we folded the heart to make both sides the same.
Nolin sorted upper & lowercase letter E eggs into baskets.
We counted out letter E's to place in the corresponding envelopes.  We are working on identifying numbers up to six right now.  Nolin doesn't recognize all six just yet, but she knows several.  :)
Nolin made a fun little Valentine for Daddy - I love you to pieces!
We made a heart collage out of leftover hearts & used a toilet paper roll to stamp hearts with paint.
Nolin matched sticker letters to the stamped letter on the page.  She did great naming each letter as she worked.  We started doing the same with lowercase letters, but the stickers I had were fancy font.  I decided that was too confusing.  We will try it again in the future.
Nolin rolled the dice, counted the dots, & then identified the correct number.  I have been teaching her little number poems to go with each number.
1 - Straight line ONE, is lots of fun.
2 - Around & back on the railroad track, makes a TWO, TWO, TWO.
3 - Around the tree, around the tree, that's the way you make a THREE.
4 - Down & over & down some more, that's the way you make a FOUR.
5 - Put on a hat & take a dive, make a big tummy & that's a FIVE.
6 - Down to a loop, a SIX rolls a hoop.

Heart Man - you can make one of these for any holiday. :)
E is for Elephant
Valentine Butterfly & Caterpillar - pink & blue patterns
E is for Eggs - Nolin identified numbers on eggs & counted the correct number of beans for each egg.  She is getting a little better at identifying numbers through six now.
Nolin matched upper & lowercase letters on the tops & bottoms of eggs.
I found Melissa & Doug lacing farm animals & worked with Nolin on this fine motor skill. She was not into me helping her at first, but after a while she let me help & she really did a good job. 

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