Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

This Christmas is the third for Nolin Leigh & the first for Harris William.  We enjoyed our Christmas Eve with our first "family gift".  This is a tradition I want to continue every year.  But before opening the gift, I had to take some photos...

The anticipation was really getting to Nolin.  :)

It's a fort building kit!  We had so much fun building a house, an igloo, a teepee, & even a rocket ship. Nolin flew around in the rocket ship for a bit.  :)

Poor Harris wasn't feeling his best due to his double ear infection.  :(  I sure hope he feels better in the morning!

We attempted a sibling Christmas Eve picture, but it turned out to be a blurry toddler & little fella who didn't feel very well.

Merry Christmas everyone!!


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