Friday, November 29, 2013

Eleven Months - Harris William

Harris is eleven months old!  I cannot believe he will be ONE in just a month!

November 29, 2013 - Eleven Months Old
This is so bitter-sweet, knowing Harris is most-likely our last little one.

It has been a big month for Harris.  Just three days ago, Tuesday, November 26, 2013, he took his first steps!  Paul was putting his pajamas on & when he finished, he let go & Harris took a couple of steps on his own.  I even got a few steps on video the next day.

He loves walking around with his walker now too & he especially loves walking while holding our hands.  Nolin even helps out!  It looks like it shouldn't be long until Harris is walking full time on his own.  :)

Harris also climbs up the stairs like a champ now.  He is super fast too!  He knows how to get down off of a couple of steps, but he doesn't know how to go down more than that yet.  I will feel better when he figures our how to get down safely also.

Tooth #4 has broken through for Harris.  He now has his two bottom middle teeth & his two top middle teeth.  Check out those chompers...

Speaking of chompers, Harris is eating better now.  For a while we ended up giving him straight baby food, because he would gag so badly & actually throw up his food.  Now he is eating regular table food with us.  I was afraid he would be a bit picky because of the way he started out, but he is slowly learning to eat new things.  He loves to drink from his sippy cup now.  If you leave the cup with him, he will drown himself in the water.

Harris still likes to put everything in his mouth.  It's much different having a baby in this stage & also a toddler.  I'm always watching closely!  I try to vacuum a lot also.  Harris loves the vacuum.  He will chase me around when I have it.  I think it's cute, because I also loved the vacuum when I was little.

We haven't done very well with sign language this time around.  But, just recently Harris started signing "all done".  Hopefully he will begin to pick up some others, because I am working hard to sign to him more often.

Harris is a big talker!  He can really get to babbling!  He is saying several words now off & on.  He still says, "Momma", "Dada", & "Noni" (Nolin), but he also says "more", "hi", "bye", & "puu" (puff).

One of my favorite things that Harris is doing now is giving kisses.  He loves to give tons of kisses at once.  :)  The other day while I was wearing him, I kept kissing his forehead while exaggerating the "muah" sound.  Harris started copying me & kissing my chest while saying "muah".  It was so funny!

Here are some other fun facts about Harris this month:
  • He has absolutely no interest in the Christmas tree.  I should probably consider this a blessing.  ;)
  • He looks under the couch/furniture when he loses a toy.  Smart little guy!
  • He loves opening & closing doors & drawers.  He also loves throwing things out of the drawers.  It can keep him occupied for hours!
  • He loves the drum set.  If you turn it on, he will be there in seconds.  He will stand & play himself or sit in Paul's lap while he plays.  Super sweet.
  • He is starting to hold his own with his big sister.  He thinks she is super funny most of the time. He is often giggling at her.  
  • He knows how to crawl super fast when he wants something.
  • He loves to unroll the toilet paper.
  • He loves baths!  He gets so excited when he knows he is getting one.  Check out this cute cottage cheese booty!  ;)

We had a little bit of a rough time with sickness this month.  Nolin & Harris both had a stomach bug & also colds.  Unfortunately, Harris' turned into pneumonia.  He & I spent several hours in the emergency room one night with nose swabs, x-rays, & a shot.  It was so hard to see him crying & knowing we had to do it to help him feel better.  :(  Hopefully he is finally on the mend!


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