Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Next Verity Mom?

I'm going out on a limb...I have applied to be the next Verity Mom!  Verity Credit Union here in the Seattle area employs a mom, basically to blog about being a mom & a little bit about financial stuff.  I have said for a while how much I wish I could get paid for using social media.  This would be a dream!

Check out my application video if you want a good laugh... ;)  Bonus - the two adorable kids at the end! :)

Next week there will be a vote to determine the short-list.  I'm going to need your help!  The vote will take place on the Verity Mom website & you will only be able to vote once.

Also, in a few weeks, if I make it to the top three, there will be a final vote to determine the winner.  I will definitely need your help if I make it to that point! Thank you so much for helping me out friends!

I'll let you know when the voting begins...


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