Sunday, June 30, 2013

Six Months - Harris William

Oh my goodness, Harris William is six months old!

June 29, 2013 - Six Months Old
It's crazy how time seems to be flying by!  Harris is turning into such a big boy.  He is sitting up pretty well on his own now.  He still sways every now & then, but it shouldn't be long until he is stable.

My silly boy still isn't rolling from his back to his belly!  He will roll from his belly to his back with ease, but just isn't interested much in going the other way.  Sometimes he gets so close & I think he is going to do it, but he stops!  If I nudge him a bit, he will go all the way.  Surely it won't be long until he's rolling across the floor though!

Harris is very interested in everything around him.  He makes the cutest face (circle mouth) when he wants something & he will practically jump out of your arms to get it.  He is Mr. Grabby Pants!  :)  Harris' new curiousity is starting to make nursing interesting.  He will latch on, the pop off to look at Nolin or whatever is going on around us, then latch on again.  It's cute the little smile that he gives me when he looks up at me though! :)

Harris is a little talker/squealer.  I joke that he & I have our own language.  :)

Diaper changes are becoming more difficult now.  Little man wiggles & twists & plays with his feet.  I'm sure they will become even more fun when he is rolling & crawling!

Harris absolutely loves the jumperoo!  I think he would bounce all day if we let him.  He usually starts his day there while I fix breakfast.  It's fun to watch him go!  Nolin, of course, tries to join him in it!  He absolutely loves her though.  It's so fun to see Harris & Nolin's relationship grow.  I know he is really going to look up to his big sister! :)

Harris is still not into a pacifier.  He also hasn't tried to suck his thumb in months!  :(  I know it will be easier not to have to break these habits, but he has another habit that is going to be even harder to break, I believe.  That is using ME as a pacifier!  The boy thinks he can only go to sleep on me or in the car/stroller!  He also thinks that he should continue to wake up every two hours at night for his "pacifier"!  Lately I've been trying to give him the pacifier before he falls asleep.  He does not like it & won't really suck on it, but he is slowly giving in.  I have a feeling I'm going to be very sleep deprived when I night wean him!

One of my favorite things that Harris does is a peek-a-boo game.  If you lay him on the bed, he almost always immediately pulls the cover over his head so that only his legs are sticking out.  It it too funny!

Oh & Harris has the cutest pouty face I've seen! :)


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