Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

We spent this weekend enjoying Easter activities.  It was a gorgeous weekend, I might add!  On Friday Nolin, Harris, & I went to a little Easter party & egg hunt with a group of mom's near us.  This was Nolin's first real Easter egg hunt.  She knew exactly what to do!  The second she was let out the door, she began picking up eggs to put in her basket.  I think she really enjoyed it.  :)

On Saturday the whole family went to an Easter egg hunt.  The first thing Nolin saw when we walked up to the area, was two big bouncy castles.  When she saw them, she immediately began running to them.  It was the cutest thing!

Nolin had to learn a lesson about waiting.  She did a pretty good job waiting for the egg hunt to begin.  It was a long seven minutes!  ;)  When the hunt started, it was chaos!  She only got seven eggs, because there were so many kids & she doesn't know you have to be fast, just yet.

After the egg hunt, Nolin got to take a turn in the bouncy castle.  This was another wait, but again she did pretty well.  She really loved the bouncy castle!  I think she spent a good amount of time on the floor though!  :)

Harris enjoyed the morning on Momma in the Beco carrier.  :)


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