Friday, March 1, 2013

Two Months - Harris William

Harris William is already two months old!

March 1, 2013 - Two Months Old

Harris is really growing fast!  He has already grown out of several outfits & is wearing 3 month outfits.  He is holding his head up very well.  He even holds himself up when you stand him up.  He is going to be a strong little fellow.

In the last few weeks Harris has really begun expressing himself.  I love seeing him smile at me & hearing the sweet cooing noises that he is making.  It is so much fun to see him find his voice.

Harris has found his hands & I sometimes find him just staring at them.  He loves to suck on them too!  Harris also likes to look at the monkey on his bouncy seat.  

Harris is such an easy baby.  He seems like he is going to be very laid back.  Harris really only cries when he is hungry, needs to burp, wants to sleep, or has a really dirty diaper.  I realize that a lot of babies are this way, but Nolin was a little more high maintenance!  :)

When is comes to sleep, Harris does well --- when he is with me!  When Nolin was little, she did not share a bed with me until she was several months old.  With Harris - he's been sharing with me since day one!  Really this was out of necessity at first.  Harris wouldn't sleep when I would lay him down & I was super tired, especially having a toddler.  So, this early decision to allow him to sleep with me, might be why he won't sleep long by himself now.  He really enjoys being with his Momma!  I find naps during the day to be very difficult with an infant & a toddler.  I don't get a chance to sit & rock Harris to sleep.  He really only gets to fall asleep when I wear him in a sling/carrier.  I am slowly getting to where I can put him to sleep in the carrier & then lay him down by himself.  Just the other day, he actually slept for almost an hour & a half on the bed by himself. Fingers crossed that we get to a place where this is easier & he can get the sleep he needs! 

Harris is definitely still nursing -- like every two hours!  The boy likes to eat!  I actually have more milk this time around.  Poor Harris gets drowned sometimes when my milk lets down.  But he is adjusting to it & I am super happy to have milk for him!  I worried a lot with Nolin & had some difficulty getting started with her.  Thankfully the second time around has been much more smooth.  I am also much more brave this time around.  I have had to nurse Harris in public several times.  I used to go to the car with Nolin, because I wasn't comfortable in public.  Now, I do what I have to do for my baby!

The pacifier isn't a big necessity for Harris like it was Nolin.  He does use it, but he does not seem as attached to it as she was.  We haven't tried giving Harris a bottle yet.  There really isn't much need, since I'm staying home with the kids, but at some point we will probably try.

We are getting out more with Harris, than we did with Nolin.  I suppose this is really a necessity though, since we have a toddler.  We don't want Nolin to be stuck at home all of the time!  Harris is actually pretty easy to get out with too.  He will only fuss in the car when something is really wrong.  I am not getting out with the two kids by myself much yet.  I hope to get out more when the weather warms up & Harris is just a bit older.

Kai is just as interested in Harris as he was Nolin.  He has to check on him every chance he gets.  I imagine they will be big buddies when Harris is a bit older.  :)


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