Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Momma

Nolin has become the cutest little Momma.  She loves her Baby Tessa & she loves to take care of her.  Every morning, the first thing Nolin asks for is Baby Tessa.  Then she wants to put her in the crib to put her "night, night".  She will give her a paci, cover her up, & turn on the noise maker.  Recently Nolin has started wanting to feed Baby Tessa dinner after she eats.  It is super cute! 

Nolin took Baby Tessa to the sitter's house today.  I didn't know this, since Paul drops her off in the mornings.  So, after dinner we searched the house high & low for Baby Tessa so that Nolin could feed her dinner.  Baby Tessa was no where to be found!  Uh-oh!  Just to prevent any meltdowns, we made a special trip back to the sitter's house to pick up Baby Tessa.  Nolin cuddled her & sang to her the whole way home.  It was so sweet!

Nolin is going to be such a good big sister!   :)


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