Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Now That I'm a Mom of a Toddler

I started this list a while ago, so I figured maybe I should finally share it... :)  

Now that I'm a Mom of a Toddler...
  • I have gotten pretty good at putting on mascara with a little one standing at my feet & shaking my leg.
  • If I go to the restroom & shut the door, I can count on a little one banging on the door & yelling within seconds.  
  • I have to hide what I'm eating, unless I want to share it. ;)
  • I need to learn Chinese so I can communicate with my daughter, who is apparently fluent in the language.  Although sometimes I think she also speaks German.
  • I rarely have a moment of silence.  Nolin loves to talk!  :)
  • I have faith that I am one of the funniest people in the world, at least my toddler thinks so!
  • I am constantly picking up things around the house.  Although, I have to say, Nolin is a big help.  She loves to do the things that she sees me doing.
  • I almost always have some sort of stain on me somewhere -- toddler fingers!
  • I have to check the trash & recycling before taking it out, because you never know what may have been put there.
  • I keep towels handy, b/c someone I know loves to feed herself!  She is doing pretty well with it actually.  
  • I find things in the most random places...
  • I have had my first bloody nose.
  • I have to unlock the toilet before I can use it. 
  • I feel so loved & special when I come  home from work to a little toddler running, smiling, & yelling, "Momma!"
  • I have to wrestle a screaming little one just to clip her nails!  Hopefully this won't be such a battle before long, though.  She is slowly getting better with this.
  • I have a little helper tearing off small pieces or unrolling the toilet paper for me when I use the restroom.
  • I sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm..." & other fun kids songs with my husband on road trips. 
  • I spend my days humming & singing Baby Signing Time songs, instead of popular radio songs.
  • I have to watch my language -- little ears are around & the little mouth that goes with them repeats everything she hears! 
  • I am constantly on the run chasing my mini me.  :) 
But I absolutely LOVE my little toddler!  She continues to amaze me daily.  :)

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