Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nolin's First Birthday Experience

Paul & I decided that we wanted to give Nolin "experiences" rather than gifts for her birthdays each year.  We plan to do things such as taking a trip to the zoo, aquarium, science center, etc.  We also hope to spend time together as a family making things for Nolin, such as a kitchen.

This year we kept it simple, since it was Nolin's first birthday.  We took a trip to Cincinnati to meet our new nephew & Nolin's new cousin, Austin.  While in Cincinnati we spent an afternoon at a beautiful park.  This was Nolin's first time being able to walk around at the park.  We haven't been to a park since she began toddling around.  She had a blast!  She loved walking around all of the obstacles, swinging, & sliding for the first time on her own.  She also loved chasing the ducks!  Here are a few shots from her first birthday experience...


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