Thursday, December 22, 2011

Funny the way it is...

You spend all of your time waiting for your baby to sleep through the night, but when they finally do, you can't sleep.  Whether it is a nap you sneak in while the little one is napping or nighttime sleep when the little one starts sleeping never just sleep.  When Nolin decides to sleep longer than usual, I find myself constantly waking to check on her.  Not to mention when you're breastfeeding, you tend to get full & uncomfortable - & that will definitely wake you up!

Babies will do one thing for one parent, but not the other.  Paul can get in the shower in the mornings by putting Nolin in her bouncy seat next to him.  Me, on the other hand, I can't.  She just screams & screams.  What's the difference?!  It does go the other way too, though.  Nolin gives Paul a much harder time when he tries to put her to sleep, especially if I'm in the house.

Babies can wiggle around & finally learn to roll onto their bellies, but then they cry because they are on their bellies!  Just roll back over baby & for goodness sake, don't do it again & again!

Of course, now that Nolin crawls, we can't keep her on her back.  Diaper changes are loads of fun!

Babies can be in a dead sleep - I mean a limp-arm, dead sleep, but then you lay them down & those peepers open right up.  Come on - you know you are sleepy!

I will wish for days that Nolin will actually sleep in her pack & play next to our bed, but when she finally does, it takes all I have not to put her back in the bed with me to cuddle!

Nolin would get frustrated because she wanted to crawl so she can get somewhere, but the day she starts getting somewhere by crawling, she gets frustrated because she wants to stand! 


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