Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Six Months

Oh my goodness, Nolin is six months old!

October 26, 2011 - Six Months Old
I say this every month, but my girl is so big!!  Nolin is sitting up on her own now, without support.  But she doesn't sit for very long, because she is ready to be on the go.  This month's picture says it all - Nolin does not want to sit still!  She has been a wiggler for a while, but now she is actually getting somewhere.  She can scoot backwards, pull herself forwards, & move in a circle.  Although recently she has been getting up on her knees & rocking back & forth.  She is going to be crawling before I can even turn around twice!

Nolin still loves to talk & communicate with us.  She isn't squealing as much as she was last month.  She does still have a bit of a squeal, but it sounds more grown-up.  She also loves to make noises & coo.  She is starting to understand conversation, b/c she will talk back & forth with me.  When Nolin gets excited & wants to play, she makes a raspberry sound with her mouth.  It is super cute!  She does it in the mornings a lot, b/c she is a morning girl.  She also does it whenever she sees Kai.  She LOVES him!

Nolin also has a new hobby.  She now blows zerberts on us.  We taught her well.  :)

I thought diaper changes were difficult last month, but boy oh boy are they difficult now!  A baby that rolls over & tries to crawl away makes it super difficult!  You have to trick her into staying on her back during diaper changes - that or hold her down!

Nolin still continues to grab things & put everything in her mouth.  A week ago I gave her a carrot.  It was her first piece of food.  I knew she wouldn't eat it yet, but she mouthed on it & got to experience it's taste (what taste it has...).  Pretty soon we will begin giving her more foods to try.  The strictly milk diet is about to end...I'm sure there will be more pictures.  :)

One of Nolin's favorite things to do now is jump in her jumperoo thingy.  She can really get going in there.  Paul & I joke that she looks like she is dancing a jig or doing river dance.  Paul wants to film her in the jumperoo with Polka music in the background...

We used to set Nolin in her Bumbo seat, but she can escape!  So now we have to start buckling her into her high chair seat when we spend time in the kitchen.

Nolin likes her pacifier more than I would like to admit.  It is super cute though.  Anytime she sees the pacifier she will pick it up with her hands & put it in her mouth or she will lean over & pick it up with her mouth.  The girl knows what she wants & she knows how to get it!  

You can tell that Nolin is really seeing things in the world now.  She is so curious about everything.  She is so aware also.  She is just turning into a little person!  I think she is going to have a great personality & be a happy girl. (Of course I would!)

The only problem with her being so aware is that she is often distracted while nursing.  We now have to go into a quiet & dimly lit room for her to nurse well.  It is very cute when she nurses though.  She will latch on for a minute then let go & look up at me with the sweetest smile.  Then she repeats this several times.  Nursing takes longer, but I don't mind - more bonding time with my baby girl.  :)

On a sad note, Nolin was sick for the first time this past week.   She had a lot of congestion, so she would wake up in the night coughing & with a stuffy nose.  It was pitiful.  The worst part was when her little voice got hoarse.  It just made me want to cry.  I'm not sure how I'm going to handle the big things she experiences!

Lastly, I was late to work the other day, so I saw Paul getting things ready so he could get in the shower (he takes Nolin to the sitter).  He usually puts Nolin in her bouncy seat next to the shower while he gets ready.  I knew that, but I didn't know that he plays music for her while he showers.  As I was getting ready to leave, I heard a song playing & it turns out that it was a kids station on Pandora.  I said something about it & Paul said, "She likes it.  It makes her happy."  He is such a good Daddy!

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